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Carbon High: home of three all-state athletes and coach of the year recipient

This season has proved to be quite successful for coach Bruce Bean. The Lady Dino basketball team that Bean oversees, recently finished in third place in the state 3A championships. Along with this accomplishment, Bean also coached his way to being named region eight coach of the year.

After finishing her career as a Dino, Cassie Warburton has been honored for her excellent basketball skills. Warburton has been named to the all-state team by both the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune for her outstanding performance this year.

For Chelsey Warburton, working hard is exciting. Warburton has the heart of a lion and works as hard as anyone when it comes to competing in basketball. Warburton's hard work payed off with her being named to the all-state team.

Matt Jewkes playing skills this season have been out of this world. Recently, Jewkes was honored by being named to the all-state team for his tremendous performance this season for the Dinos basketball team. The bright star will shine brightly in years to come as he persues a college career.

Basketball season is officially over for the Carbon High Dinos. This year has proved to be one of several highlights and has been filled with many memories, for both the girls and boys teams. The season however, is not complete until the all-state selections have been made. These selections are complete, and the Dinos have three players seated on the roster of all-star players.

Dinos forward, Cassie Warburton has completed a successful last season in a Dinos uniform. Warburton will be graduating this spring, and moving on to compete at the college level.

Aside from being a crowd favorite at Dino games, Cassie has also proved herself to coaches and critics across the state. Warburton has been named to the class 3A first team by the Deseret News. Along with this honor, she has also been named to the Salt Lake Tribune's class 3A first team.

Warburton has had a tremendous season for the Dinos. She finished the year averaging 16 points per game, along with a nine rebounds per game average.

Now that the season has wrapped up, Warburton has many memories of competing at Carbon High. As a member of the Dinos team, Cassie has enjoyed competing with friends and family. Two of her sisters also played for the Dinos this season, and together, the three girls helped lead the team to a third place victory at the state championships this season.

Although Warburton will be missed by teammates, coaches, and Dino fans alike, the legacy that she has left behind will remain. This bright young star will shine for years to come for all basketball fans in Carbon County.

Cassie however, was not the only Warburton to be honored by being named to the all-state team. Younger sister Chelsey was also named to the Salt Lake Tribune's first team roster in the class 3A division.

Chelsey, who is a junior this year at Carbon has grown as a player this season. Despite being named last year to the all-state team, Warburton has proved that this year was indeed better.

Warburton's ball handling and shooting skills have advanced since last season. If the continued growth continues, next season just may find Warburton on top of the all-state MVP list.

Along with being named to the all-state team by the Tribune, Chelsey was also named to the Deseret News all-state third team in class 3A.

Dino fans look forward to yet another season with Chelsey, who will be a senior next year, and a definite team leader. Next year, Warburton will strive to reach the platform of winning a state championship, along with her teammates, and little sister Morgan who will return as a sophomore.

Morgan, who competed this season for the first time in a Dino jersey also had a successful season. The Deseret News also recognized Morgan with an honorable mention to the all-state team this year.

The mastermind behind the ladies basketball team this season has been head coach Bruce Bean. Coaches across the state recognized Bean as being a positive leader and have named him region eight coach of the year.

Bean has been coaching the ladies basketball team for several years, and has successfully lead the team to continued victory, including this years third place state finish. Bean looks forward to next season, when he and the Dino team will return strong and full of confidence.

The ladies team was not the only Carbon basketball team to receive all-state honors this season. Matt Jewkes, a senior this year, was also named to the boys all-state second team in the 3A division.

Jewkes helped lead the Dino team this season. In his last year for the Dino's, Jewkes continuously lead the team in scoring and often times, rebounding. Jewkes is an excellent all-around player who has incredible talent. The Dino ball club will miss the talented young star next season, but his star will burn brightly for years to come.

Basketball season draws many around the county to the Dino gymnasium to watch the high school stars soar high. Although the season has ended, the memories live on. Having several players named to the all-state teams will remain etched in the stars for those who enjoyed the basketball season this year.

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