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Letter to the Editor: Aides will be given a fair chance



As a result of the news article concerning the Board of Education meeting of May 12 (School board fields funding, employee related issues, May 18, Sun Advocate) and the status of Teacher Aides at Sally Mauro Elementary, there appears to be some confusion and misunderstandings.

In all fairness to Mrs. Mike (Angel) Dalpiaz and the aides at the school, it should be pointed out that, contrary to the article stating that the decision on the rehiring will not be based on a committee from the school, the superintendent stated that a committee will indeed make recommendations to the school principal.

In meeting with the board, Mrs. Dalpiaz inquired why seniority is not taken into consideration in the rehiring process. Probably the word seniority in the news item would of been more appropriate than the word sorority. In replying, the superintendent pointed out that part-time employees of the district do not accrue seniority rights.

This situation has come about as a result of the shrinking student population in local schools and resulting loss of funding. It has been the policy of the local board, when this happens, to issue termination notices to all personnel involved, in this case the teacher aides at Sally Mauro.

Once the situation is cleared up and a decision can be made on the basis of funds available, all will be given the opportunity to apply for the positions available.

This is the same policy utilized when the shrinking student population mandates a reduction in the number of teachers in the district. All non-tenured teachers are given termination notices with the possibility that some will have the opportunity to apply for positions available.

As mentioned in the news article, the superintendent and board assured Mrs. Dalpiaz and the other aides at the school that the committee takes experience into consideration when considering the rehiring.

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