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Letter to the Editor: Cemetery care important

Oakhurst, Calif.


Recently I ordered flowers to be delivered to my mother's grave, Jennie Boria, for Mother's Day. Price Floral is so kind to send me a picture of the grave site with the flowers I ordered, placed on the grave.

I was shocked when I saw the condition of the lawn surrounding the stone. What in the world has happened to the up-keep of this beautiful cemetery? The stone certainly was not edged around it plus there was grass all over the place. Is it to much work to edge the stones or is it up to the family to take care of this chore also.

I live in a small town near Yosemite National Park. Our cemetery is beautiful, well taken care of, and we are not a city.

I know Helper is financial strapped but I'm sure they can afford a caretaker for the cemetery. Is it going to look this way come Memorial Day?

Heaven forbid.

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