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Letter to the Editor: Should be proud of what we have done



When I grew up I remember one of the games we played as children was called "Army". A few or more of us would form up into two different sides, the Germans and the Americans. The Americans were the good guys. The Germans were the bad guys. I don't remember anyone hating the Germans. We just knew though they might cause the Americans some headaches, they were destined to lose in the end.

Later on I learned about what the German people under Hitler had done to the Jews. It was hard to learn that people could be so cruel. It also made me very proud of America and our fathers for saving these people from such barbarity. I also learned much to my surprise that saving the Jews was not why we entered into the war. It was simply one of the fruits of our victory.

I now believe that no matter what one wants to think is the cause of the war in Iraq we should be proud of what our military has accomplished there. Our country has done a great thing. Like the Jews before, the Iraqi people have been saved.

One can be bitter and hateful and never think anyone acts with honest motives, or one can have faith in our nation and our president. Our warriors who have fought and died and their families who have suffered hardships have done so for a noble cause. Great things have happened and evil things have ended because of their sacrifices. We can question the motives for any war, this one is no different, but we need to remember that if evil is being committed and we stop it we have done a good and justified thing.

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