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Letter to the Editor: Money that is going to the wrong place



A couple of days ago I got a call on the phone and the man said, "I'm calling for your local radio station. We are making up a high school sports schedule. We assume that you support your high school sports." I said, "Hold on a second, where are you calling from? He said, "I'm calling from your local radio station." I said "But where are you calling from?" He said, "From a different office." I said, "Why can't I get a straight answer from you, where are you calling from?" He finally said, "From our office in Chicago." The conversation ended shortly thereafter.

So I finally got it all figured out. A group of people back in Chicago called the school, got the schedule, then called all of the local business people, printed some flyers and collected many dollars. They ended us with the "gold mine" and the local business people came out with the "Oh, whatever."

It seems to me that we have all of the facilities locally to handle these things. We don't need a group of "boiler room boys" from Chicago to handle our sports events list.

My guess would be that the money that is taken in would be divided thus: To the printer, 15 percent: to the radio station, 20 percent; to the school, half of the peace sign; the rest to a group of people none of us know.

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