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Letter to the Editor: What will it take?



I read the Salt Lake Tribune and especially the Public Forum letters almost every day, and if you take the time to count the daily number of letters opposing our federal government's policies it is running very high when compared to the total number of letters overall.

I wonder if the Tribune is printing just the negative opinions about the Bush administration, or if nobody is writing any positive opinions?

I believe that the American people are truly getting tired of being tied to and constantly misled by the Bushies about many issues - especially the war for "freedom" in Iraq. We are told that everything is going just fine over there and maybe this administration truly believes that, considering that Paul Wolfowitz doesn't even know how many Americans have died - so far. Maybe he should be counting the flag-draped coffins that come back from this unjustified war; the ones the government won't allow us to see.

I'm glad I don't have children in the military so I don't have to worry about them dying for oil and Halliburton's bottom line.

President Clinton had impeachment proceedings leveled against him for something that hurt no one except the small circle of people directly involved, yet we are letting Bush/Cheney let blood from America's sons and daughters for political and financial gains that benefit the wealthy and hurt the rest of us.

What will it take to wake enough of us up to put him and his cohorts out of power?

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