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Mont Harmon runner breaks 17-year-old record

Sun Advocate reporter

Aaron Sandoval of Mont Harmon junior high broke the Junior High area record record time for the 100 meter run, a record which has stood since 1987.

Sandoval's 11.19 second time secured him first place at the April 30 track meet and a spot in the track record books.

The old time was 11.50 second.

Sandoval was also part of the first place 4x100 relay team, along with Bradey Wilde, J.J. Blue and Dustin Cook, and took first in the long jump.

Other Mont Harmon and Helper Junior High winners at the four school meet included:

Mont Harmon girls - Megan Garvin, 4th place, high jump, 6th place, shot put; Erika Potts, 2nd place, shot put; Farrah Nelson, 3rd place, shot put; Kaylee Norris, 2nd place, discus; Whitney Williams, 4th place, softball throw; Julia Potts, 2nd place, 1600 meter, 5th place, long jump; Heather Woodruff, 1st place, 200 meter, 3rd place, 100 meter; Britni Greenwood, 4th place, 400 meter, 6th place, 200 meter; Katie Palmer, 5th place, 400 meter; Katie Kilbourne, 4th place, 1600 meter; Team, 3rd place, 4x100 relay; 3rd place, 4x200 relay.

Mont Harmon boys - Bren Pruitt, 4th place, discus; J.J. Blue, 2nd place, 400 meter, 3rd place, long jump, 3rd place, softball throw; Dustin Cook, fifth place, hurdles; Michael Spears, 2nd place, shot put; Kyle Asay, 1st place, softball throw, 2nd place, high jump; Thomas Etzel, 6th place, discus; Bradey Wilde, 3rd place, zoom; Zac Jones, 5th place, softball throw.

Helper girls - Emily Cox, 6th place, hurdles; 2nd place, 800 meter relay; Whitney Oliver, 2nd place, 800 meter relay; Brenda Davis, 2nd place, 400 meter relay; Boshea Howa, 2nd place, 200 meter, 2nd place, 400 meter relay, 4th place, 100 meter; Karlee Martino, 2nd place, 800 meter relay; Rebecca Limone, 6th place, 400 meter; Amber Fralick, 2nd place, 400 meter relay, 4th place, 200 meter; Carrie Adams, 6th place, discus; Traci Steele, 2nd place, 400 meter; Sara Hribar, 2nd place, 800 meter relay. Overall, 4th place.

Helper boys - Branden Wilson, 1st place, 200 meter, 1st place, high jump, 2nd place, softball throw, 3rd place, long jump; Derek Fralick, 3rd place, 800 meter relay; West Hunsaker, 1st place, hurdles, 1st place, shot put, 3rd place, 400 meter relay; Cole Stevens, 3rd place, 800 meter relay; Sam Madrid, 3rd place, 400 meter relay, 4th place, mile; JD Sherman, 3rd place, 400 meter relay, 4th place, 100 meter relay; Chris Noyes, 3rd place, 800 meter relay, 6th place, mile; Anthony Kelly, 3rd place, 800 meter relay; Tyler Gale, 2nd place, long jump. Overall, 2nd place.

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