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Price council agrees to part with property

Sun Advocate reporter

A $14,280 bid for the Miller Creek property was accepted by the Price City Council during Tuesday's bi-monthly meeting.

However, as part of the agreement, the city will retain mineral rights and the option of an easement if it proves necessary.

Mayor Joe Piccolo also recommended that the money be tagged to go into a special fund for other projects rather than being funneled into the general fund.

It was suggested by Finance Director Pat Larsen that the money go into the capital projects fund where it could sit until a use was found.

Purchaser Keven Mortensen and the council will meet to close the sale as soon as possible.

Mortensen, a co-owner of the Spring Glen powered parachute company Wings n Things, plans to use the 40 acre property as a flight park for the powered parachutes and ultra lights.

Because the land in zoned for mining and grazing, Mortensen said small aircraft could also land on the parcel.

"We feel like this will really enhance our business," he commented.

Mortensen, as caretaker of the park, will build a home on the property, as well as accommodate a classroom where powered parachute flight instruction could be given.

The group is also thinking about offering rental machines so that interested parties can operate the powered parachutes before deciding if they're really interested in purchasing one.

In other business, the council also approved a request by the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce to retain the booth rental funds from the International Days Celebration.

The council debated denying the request because there could be a need for the money to remain within the celebration budget.

However, several council members felt the money could be better served going back into the chamber as the group begins to gain stability after a recent reorganization.

"If this can help the chamber, maybe it will grow to the point it doesn't need it any more" Councilman Richard Tatton pointed out.

Piccolo also added his thanks to all Price employees who assisted in getting the chamber back up and running.

"We're putting something back together that was broken," he mentioned.

Finally, approval for a home occupied business was tabled by the council until further stipulations could be set for the business owner.

Marie Blanton, who requested a home business license for Marie's Cattery, a pet sales operation that would specialize in the sale of Persian kittens, was given a favorable recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission.

However, Price Chief of Police Aleck Shilaos voiced his concern that before the council approve Blanton's home business, the group should set further parameters for the operation.

According to Councilwoman Jeanne McEvoy, the Planning and Zoning board limited Blanton to having three adult cats and only selling the litters produced.

However, Shilaos noted that Blanton had an outstanding citation for animal related issues. He also said he had knowledge that the operation was not being run in the stipulated fashion.

The issue was tabled until further discussion and guidelines were made.

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