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Letter to the Editor: Strikers will be winners no matter what outcome

East Carbon


Three cheers for Thomas Elmo Williams!

Thank God, there are still among us, some that "can see the forest for the trees."

We, like you have stood on that picket line and have gotten acquainted with some of the striking miners.

We, like you are proud of our coal mining heritage and very proud of these few people, who are standing up for their rights. Not whether it's a right to be union or non-union, but the right to stand up for what they believe in.

Can't we all put ourselves in their shoes?

Haven't we all at one time or another in our lives walked that mile they are walking now?

Haven't a lot of us at one time or another been through strikes and strife? Haven't a lot of us at times been faced with taking care of families with not a lot of bright prospects shining in our families eyes and in our futures?

We have seen these miners from the beginning of this conflict organizing themselves to stand on the picket lines. Holding their heads high and proud. You couldn't help but admire them and be proud to stand behind them in their efforts.

We've seen some very negative attitudes. We've also seen some very positive attitudes and actions. We've seen and heard the support they are receiving from all over the country too.

None of us know what hardships and sacrifices they have had to make. We feel like they have been tested to the highest degree. We have no idea of how this will all turn out. Surely a lot of us when faced with the frustration and obstacles placed in their paths would have given up and gone a different way. Many will never understand that adversity can make us go in one of two directions. It can make us make choices. or it can make us stronger and wiser and more determined than ever to keep on going.

And what few seem to understand is that regardless of the outcome of this strike, these Co-op mienrs will be the winners!

Mr. Williams you have great insight. We're sure that your painting will be a huge success, with your feelings and understanding shining out for all to see.

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