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Dinos edge undefeated Pioneer soccer team

Sun Advocate reporter

Carbon soccer is beginning to reap the benefits of an established program after struggling the past few years as the new team on the block.

The Dinos gave the Lehi Pioneers its closest game this season on April 2.

Undefeated Lehi is currently the second ranked 3A team in the state.

To start the windy game, a long kick by Lehi goalie Gary Glodowski caught a favorable bounce and blew past Carbon for the first goal of the match.

Carbon head coach Timothy Palmer said the goal was an unusual fluke in Lehi's favor.

In the second half, Lehi added another goal before Dino Nathaniel Woodward placed a Taylor Dastrup assist in the back of the net.

Lehi added a third goal, which was quickly matched by Carbon's Todd Palmer.

The game ended 3-2 in Lehi's favor.

Timothy Palmer said the game was a huge confidence boost for the team and will carry over onto the field.

"Now they know that if they can play with Lehi, they can play with anyone," he pointed out.

Palmer added that the home crowd has been the largest of any school that the Dinos play and that the support is has been an enormous boost for the players.

Prior to the game, Carbon gave up a 5-0 loss to Delta on March 31.

Palmer said the team just gave up.

"It wasn't a pretty game," he concluded. "We're better than that. But, we'll get them next time and they know it."

The Dinos travel to Grand High School today and will host North Sanpete on April 14.

Varsity begins at 3:30 p.m. and is followed by the junior varsity game.

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