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Letter to the Editor: Need change in laws



I am writing this letter in regards a letter titled "Protecting Marriage is our duty" in the March 23 Sun Advocate and what I have seen on the news. I feel it necessary to express my opinions and feelings.

It was only after the Civil War that African Americans were allowed to marry in all areas of the United States. It was only after a U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1967 that mixed race couples could marry anywhere in the U.S. Until recently same-sex couples could not marry anywhere in the world. Holland, Belgium and Canada have all taken a step toward changing this and letting people live their lives according to new laws.

In April 2001 Holland enlarged its definition of marriage to include opposite and same-sex marriages, Belgium followed suit in January 2003 and next came Canada which now permits all couples to get married in both British Columbia and Ontario. Sometime in 2004 this idea is expected to be legal and available across the entire country. The Government of Taiwan is drafting legislation to legalize same-sex marriages as well. Times are always changing, that's one reason why laws need to be re-examined. I think that at this moment it's time for more change in our laws; no more restricting people who are committed to each from having their constitutional rights.

Our laws should state something to the effect that marriage is hard work, it's a give and take and it is for the rest of your life, not whether you want to marry someone of the same-sex.

The fact that you are straight does not by any means signify that your marriage will last. Take Brittany Spears' marriage for example. She is straight and her marriage did not last; does this mean my marriage is any less of a marriage? I don't believe so. Her marriage is just one example of the nearly half of all marriages (straight marriages) that end in divorce. Almost all people who get married do not believe that they will be divorced, but that is the chance we take when we love and are committed to someone.

I believe that any two people who love each other should be able to marry the person they see themselves with forever. I am not saying that every same-sex couple is truly in love and ready for marriage, just as every straight couple isn't, but the laws should not be able to restrict these people from the rights that the rest of us receive.

I am certain that if I were in their position I wouldn't enjoy being treated this way. I have been taught to always put the shoe on the other foot before I decide what is right?

I hope that in the future my children continue to consider other people's feelings and understand everyone's rights.

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