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BLM Extends RS-2477 Application Comment Period

A recent court ruling imposed shutdown of the United States Department of Interior web sites.

The shutdown has prompted Utah Bureau of Land Management director Sally Wisely to extend the public comment period on the state's application for acknowledgment of an RS-2477 right of way on the Weiss Highway an additional 30 days.

Carbon County residents will have until May 8 to submit comments regarding the application by mail to the BLM.

According to Wisely, the federal agency has made a number of adjustments to facilitate access to information in addition to the time extension on the comment period.

"We recognize the importance of having application materials available for the public's review," noted the BLM director. "Although this information is no longer available online, everything previously on the website is currently available by contacting the Utah state office or visiting any of our offices throughout the state."

The information in question includes memorandums and background sheets as well as the supporting information provided by Utah as grounds for the state's RS-2477 right of way claims.

The steps augment the traditional methods like notices published in the Federal Register, posting of information at key offices and the use of mail that have been in effect since the launch of the public involvement phase of the project on Feb 9, explained the Utah BLM director.

With the time extension, the public will have had a full 90 days to comment on the state's RS-2477 application.

Since early February, Wisely pointed out that the BLM has been considering the Utah's request for acknowledgment of a right of way on the Weiss Highway, a 99 mile-long road across rural Juab County.

If sufficient evidence supports the state's claim, the BLM will issue a recordable disclaimer document formally confirming that the U.S. government recognizes the existence of an RS-2477 right of way on the road.

The recordable disclaimer is an administrative tool that can be used to correct or clarify the federal government's interest in properties which have closed title for one reason or another, continued the Utah BLM director.

Interested parties residing in the Carbon County area should submit comments regarding the RS-2477 application to Chief, Branch of Lands and Realty, BLM Utah State Office, PO Box 45155, Salt Lake City, UT 84145-0155.

Comments must be postmarked by May 8 to ensure consideration. Background information, including a copy of the Utah's RS-2477 application, is available for review at the BLM office located at 324 S. State Street, Salt Lake City. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., excluding holidays. Application materials may be purchased from the BLM on compact disk or hard copy by calling the state office at (801)539-4001.

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