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Letter to the Editor: America is worth saving


There are few lessons in life more meaningful than those we learn from nature. From nature we learn that, "as the twig is bent, so grows the tree." How closely this is related to parental guidance of kids in the formative age.

Rodney Turner made this statement, "Our moral environment is far more polluted than our physical environment. It seems as though good and evil are being homogenized out of existence by a generation led by foolish and blind guides. What was once whispered in shame is now electronically shouted from the housetops as the famous and foolish appear on television to parade their sins like so many metals before laughing and applauding audiences."

Years ago I was in a city in eastern Canada where there was a so called "Christian" preacher who usually started out his sermons with "Do as I say, not as I do." He seemed proud to expose his immoral sins to the world. He was considered to be quite a hero to the many who were content to live in their "moral cesspools with no desire to be any more than what they were.

How long are we going to sit still and applaud those forces that are determined to destroy the morals and freedom of our youth? That great American William Penn once said, "A man must be governed by God or he will be ruled by tyrants." The forces around us are constantly moving us closer to a completely immoral and godless society.

When you father gives you a gift, you say "thank you" How much more thanks should we give to the supreme father of us all who gave us the greatest nation the world has ever known with all of it's freedoms. Immorality and godliness has destroyed more nations than all of the wars. A nation is never destroyed from without until it is first destroyed from within. To say, "this could happen to us" would be putting it in language as thin as skim milk.

Some time ago on television, a famous retired athlete, Charles Barkley, was asked about an undesirable incident in a bar in which he was involved. He said, "Don't make me a role model for anyone, that is a parent's job."

What he was saying was pay me millions for playing basketball, buy the products that I endorse on television but don't ask me to be responsible for my influence.

For many years we have met those things that would destroy us with a few raised eyebrows and even applause. Some parents think that what they do won't affect their kids. But the fact is, no one can walk across wet cement without leaving their footprints.

In America we have lost our spiritual equilibrium and inverted our values. We have endorsed perversion and called it an alternative life style. In the name of choice we have killed the unborn, we have polluted the air with profanity and pornography under the heading of 'freedom of expression." All of this in the name of "moral pluralism."

America is worth saving and only we can save it.

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