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Germinator arrives in Carbon County

Sun Advocate editor

Wendi Morales, a research assistant at University of Utah 's hospitals and clinics, displays decks of cards from the Germinator series.

Germinator is a dynamic educational game of infectious proportions. The cards are based on actual infectious diseases like tuberculosis, the flu and pneumonia.

Children playing with the cards learn about bacteria, viruses and how to fight the diseases.

The game was developed by the intermountain project on antimicrobial resistance and therapy to promote healthy habits in children.

Super Boy, Super Girl, the Doctor and Immune System Hero battle evil microscopic bacteria and viruses with weapons of health like drinking liquids, resting and taking antibiotics correctly.

Germinator fights the attacks with an army of Killer T-cells, Phagocytes and Antibodies.

Free starter packs are available to local children at the Price library, Carbon County Recreation, Southeastern Utah Health District and the city's Boy Scouts of America chapter.

For additional information, local residents with Internet access may log on to Residents may also contact the U of U hospitals by calling 801-587-3324.

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