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Letter to the Editor: What is our reputation?


Dear Editor,

We are concerned about the contents of an article in the Sun Advocate that appeared on March 4 called "Price City Council endorses LDS temple project proposal."

To quote the unknown proponents of the project, "A temple would also help improve the image and reputation of our community which would go a long way in attracting new business."

Our question is this. What is our communities' reputation and image and why does it need improving and, in addition, how does an LDS temple improve that image? Also, what are the facts and rationales from temples being in other cities that improve image and reputations and "go a long way in attracting new business?"

We are proud of our ethnic and religious heritage and proud of Carbon County which is rich in many religions and nationalities. We can understand a religion wanting their own temples or synagogues etc. but why is Carbon County being depicted as needing our image and reputation improved?

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