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Letter to the Editor: License no problem with proper procedure

St. George


Recently the news broadcasts and the two daily newspapers that cover Utah have drawn attention to a controversial subject, that of Mexican immigrants (legal or illegal) wanting to get a Utah Drivers license. I fail to understand where is the problem with taking care of this problem.

We know that the government of Mexico issues to all its residents that are seeking employment an identification card with that persons picture on the card.

The State of Utah should legislate a law requiring that persons being of legal driving age from a foreign country must produce a drivers license from that country, which also contains that person's picture. This would let those in the drivers license division know that this person does understand how to drive an automobile.

As for those from Mexico they would have to produce their ID card and their Mexican drivers license. Once these two requirements were met, then the applicant can apply for Utah Drivers license, take the written test and if the written test is passed then the applicant would take the drivers test. If all requirements were met and passed then that person should be given a license with one stipulation: his drivers license from Mexico and his Utah drivers license must be affixed to his identification card.

These three certificates would then show the same picture of the applicant. That would eliminate the problem of borrowing or the lending of a drivers license to a person that cannot qualify.

This would prove beneficial to those companies or institutions that require a positive identification.

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