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Letter to the Editor: America attacked from within


Like a sleeping Gulliver, America is becoming no different than a conquered country, which if awakened in time could still be free.

For the past century America has been under a secret and unpublicized attack from within bent on destroying the Constitution, and robbing us and our future posterity of our rights, sovereignty, and wealth: eliminating checks and balances, ignoring God-given rights, compromising 50% of the Bill of Rights, attacking our Christian heritage and the institution of marriage, and subjecting our children to being snatched from us by the DCFS.

Preparations are being made for permanent conditions of martial law, a police state, no personal firearms, the elimination of elections, greater despotism and tyranny, and the total surrender of U.S. sovereignty to the U.N. The subtle war being levied against us is, by Constitutional definition, Treason of the highest degree and must be exposed and stopped at all levels.

Of course our leaders will deny it, yet still move forward with this century-old agenda, using the support of a controlled media, military, and court system to impose this attack upon us.

However, once the sleeping giant is awakened we can unitedly and successfully demand the impeachment of all legislative terrorists and domestic enemies in high places, and demand the full and immediate return to a Constitutional Republic. All of us need to get involved. We must either stand up for freedom, or lose it.

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