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Letter to the Editor: Protect private property rights



Yes, under the Utah Property Protection Act, known as Initiative "B". Utah leads the nation to reestablish states rights as determined by the U.S. Constitution and the Utah State Constitution. This year six other states are passing ninth and 10th amendments to state laws to protect state rights.

The bad news is our attorney general and his assistant are in contempt of Initiative "B" and the U.S. and Utah State Constitution. They have violated the promise that if there were any amendments to the act there would be an open meeting with the Initiative "B" protection committee to see if the legally seized money could go to help law enforcement, and not charge the act itself.

The attorney general's number two man, Mr. Torgenson, covered the state last summer putting out a lot of misinformation to a lot of service clubs, legislators, law officers, town councils, and media, saying how bad Initiative "B" was an how much money was lost. The Attorney General's office is trying to bull doze a federally inspired asset forfeiture bill through the legislature this session to kill the Utah Property Protection Act (Initiative "B").

Anyone interested in preserving your private property rights contact your legislators now.

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