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City reveals changes to council

Price City recently changed the responsibilities of council members.

"This move will challenge the council witha new way of looking at things," said the Mayor Joe Piccolo."The new appointments are not written in stone and is a new way to look at managing our city government."

The changes were approved at a special city council meeting on Jan. 29.

Jeanne McEvoy

•Price Planning/Zoning Board

•Power and light policy

•Shade Tree Commission

•Swimming pool policy

•City Risk Management


•Public works policy

•Chamber of Commerce

•International Days chair

Betty Wheeler

•Drinking water policy

•PRWID Board

•Price Youth Council

•Historic Preservation

•Engineering policy

•Community Progress Board

•CEU Planning Commission

•Group insurance benefits


•Personnel committees

Richard Tatton

•Water quality reclamation policy

•Library Board

•Physical facilities policy

•Ditch companies policy

•Recreation Board

•Public risk management policy

•Volunteer development policy

•Public Utilities Advisory Board

•Personnel Committee

•County Planning and

Zoning Commission

Stephen Denison

•City emergency preparedness

•Nuisance abatement

•Carbon County Travel Board

•CCRIC Board

•Museum/gallery policy

•Downtown revitalization

•Storm water policy

•Cultural/Heritage Committee

•International Days past chair

Joe Christman

•Streets/maintenance policy

•Fleet management policy

•Waste management policy

•Gun Range Committee

•County Emergency

Management Committee

•Customer service policy

•Parks/cemetery policy

•Information systems policy

•International Days chair elect

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