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Letter to the Editor: What category will you fit in?

Winlock, Washington


Many of us as United States citizen's have become very complacent with what our elected officials are doing to us. We are losing our freedoms. We are losing the middle class of America. Soon we will either be very rich or very poor. What category will you fit in?

Let me tell you about the job problem in the real America. My husband is a Boilermaker. He has several trades that he can fall back on. There aren't any jobs in the trades left here in America. President Bush has done this to us and if we re-elect him we are going to be flushed right down the drain. I know about this first hand.

First of all the Longview Aluminum Plant that my husband was employed at in Longview, Wash. was sold and closed down. Now it is being sold in parts and the plant will never be reopened.

He next got a job at a local sawmill here in Chehalis, Wash.. A few months after he was employed a rich Republican company bought out the mill and they chose to lay of a third of their employee's.

There has been no work with the Boilermakers in over a year because of President Bush's environmental policies. We are now out of unemployment benefits and there are no unemployment extensions available. My husband has worked steady for 30 yrs., contributing to the tax base of this country, He served in the Navy during the Vietnam War, now we are looking at foreclosure of our mortgage. We can't pay our bills, we can't buy our food. We have had no medical benefits for three years. We are not illegal immigrants that can walk into any government office and get all the help that we need.

I say we should close our borders, send all illegal immigrants back to their own countries, Bring our jobs back and I don't want to hear from anyone that Americans won't take the kind of jobs that the illegal immigrants do. College students and young people have been doing these jobs for years.. If a company sends their operations out of this country, they should be fined and taxed accordingly to bring their products back into the United States to be sold..

In addition get rid of the World Free Trade Organization. It has destroyed our economy.

I think it is time for another Boston Tea Party on a national scale. We need to let federal and state government officials know that we have had enough. Even those candidates running for the Democratic nomination need to take heed that the American middle class will take no more broken promises, no more useless talk and that we will not be complacent any longer.

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