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Letter to the Editor: Consolidation a necessity

By Robert L. Warren


I was one of the 80 or so people in attendance at the town meeting held on Jan. 8 at East Carbon High School to discuss consolidation of the three communities,

East Carbon, Columbia and Sunnyside were the consideration and it was a small turn out for such a major issue.

Consolidation of the three communities into one would create a town of 1800 people under the new name of East Carbon City. Identity, or loss of it, seems to be the biggest problem with Columbia and Sunnyside.

Someone at the meeting asked whatever happened to Dragerton, if you're concerned with identity. Misunderstanding, or lack of is the major problem.

Consolidation isn't an issue of consideration but of necessity if survival is desired or expected. These towns had better learn to get along and work together if they want to grow. If not they will fall into the past, going by the way of Wattis, Hiawatha, Sweets, Castle Gate, Royal and on and on.

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