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Letter to the Editor: What about equal justice under the law



Again this year, certain factions in our state legislature are attempting to pass hate crimes legislation. I would like to offer a few thoughts.

Whatever happened to the notion of equal justice under the law? Doesn't our constitution guarantee that we are all to be treated equally? When we make it more of a crime to victimize one group of people (any group), I think we are setting a terrible precedent.

If we make it more of a crime to victimize one group, doesn't that automatically make it less of a crime to victimize another? And, if we can increase the penalties for victimizing one group, why can't we decrease the penalties for victimizing another group? Isn't that what Hitler did to the Jews? You never know who might have the most votes in the future.

Follow the logic to the end of the row, and you might decide that equal justice for all is a better solution.

Tell your elected officials.

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