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Letter to the Editor: Lucky to live in the area

Stansbury Park


Having been born and raised in Huntington, coming home for Christmas brought me back to Emery County. In case you don't realized how fortunate your are to live there, I would like to share an experience I had on this visit.

On Christmas Eve, my son fell and knocked out his front teeth. Our dentists are in Salt Lake City and we had no idea what to do. My mother suggested I call Dr. Shawn Leonard, whose office is in Castle Dale. I was sure he'd be closed for Christmas Eve, but his answering machine gave an emergency number. Dr. Leonard showed concern and kindness from the start. He gave us instructions of things we must do immediately and told us to meet him at his office in Castle Dale. He left his home in Carbon County, and with his wife to assist, met us at his office.

I watched in amazement as he calmly and efficiently assessed the situation and began working miracles to save my son's teeth. Not only did he do an incredible job, he was so genuine in his concern.

I was expecting to pay huge added costs of emergency, after hours "inconvenience" fees, such as I have experienced with the big city "sorry we're closed to do the emergency-room" type treatment. Maybe because Dr. Leonard also has roots in Carbon/Emery Counties he understands that people are the most important part of a business.

You are lucky to live among such caring professionals.

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