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Letter to the Editor: Foster care not for the money

Castle Dale


I am writing in reference to the people protesting in front of the Price Courthouse on Jan. 7. They were holding up signs saying that DCFS "steals" children for money.

I am a foster parent and have had seven girls in my home in the past two years, and they all have been pulled from their homes for different reasons, so I know from experience that the state does not just "steal" children.

These kids that are in foster care are here because of the irresponsibility of the parents either by no supervision, drug abuse, sexual abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence and, for some teenagers, they get into trouble.

So you people that are complaining of your children being taken by the state should be ashamed of even complaining because it is mainly your fault that they are in care in the first place.

And as for the fact that we as foster parents get paid to take care of your children, you should have to pay for your children, and in my opinion we don't get enough to do what we do. The payment I get pays for food, shampoo, soap, feminine napkins, make-up and clothing for these kids. I do foster care to help the children and their families, not for the money.

So in my opinion shut up and stop complaining and do the right things to get your kids back and keep them.

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