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Setting a community resolution for the new year

Sun Advocate reporter

Every year at this time a million columnists in a million newspapers will write something about New Years resolutions. Some of those columns will be funny and some serious. But almost all will be about how individuals either will or won't keep their resolutions.

However, I would like to write about something a little different. Rather than talking about my failures with resolutions over the years or someone elses, I would like to propose that our community, as a whole, set a resolution for this new year.

Now I know that resolutions work better if they are specific, but that is very hard in a community this large. That's because each of us can only do so much.

But in a way that's my point. If we all do a little, we can all do a lot. OK, I stole the jist of that from a water conservation ad, but it's true. We can't all do everything.

So what could that resolution be? Could it be to work toward keeping the Gooseberry Dam from being built? Or could it be that we will all strive to bring new industry to our area, thereby creating more jobs.

Or could it be to fight harder against federal encroachment on our rights and our lands? Should it be to make our communities safer, by eliminating drugs and crime?

Maybe we should think about finding ways to improve our schools or on how to reform CEU into a four year institution?

Or should we work harder get funding for improving Highways 6 and 10?

I think I have a different idea, one that is more universal and would actually solve many of our problems if we could just commit ourselves to it.

If there was one thing a community could do to make things better, something everyone could be involved in, it would be for everyone in that community to treat each other, as individuals, better.

Sure, that's a derivative of the Golden Rule, something we have all known for our entire life.

So as a community, let's resolve to just start following it.

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