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Carbon High swim teams take turn into New Year

The Carbon High swim teams entered the 2004 season with hopes of success, hosting meets against Delta and Richfield.

With the mens team dominating the Jan. 3 meet against Delta and the womens team taking the Jan. 9 meet against Richfield, Carbon was able make the turn into the 2004 season with confidence.

According to head coach Phyllis Cox, the team's performance this season has already exceeded early projections.

She said it is likely that several members of the mens team have already had state-qualifying times.

"The kids are doing fantastic, a lot better than a lot of people expected," she commented.

Scores for the Delta match were as follows:

Womens team scores - Delta 89, Carbon 65.

Individual scores - Trisha Erickson, 1st 200 free, 3rd 100 breaststroke; Brittney Banning, 2nd 200 free, 2nd 100 breaststroke; Audrey Oliver, 2nd 100 back, 3rd 200 IM; Regina Tetreault, 2nd 100 fly, 3rd 50 free; Rikilyn Birch, 2nd 500 free, 4th 50 free; Amy Pulsipher, 3rd 100 fly, 3rd 500 free; Danielle Worley, 3rd 200 free; LynD Anderson, 3rd 200 IM; Cynthia Owen, 5th 100 back, 6th 100 free.

Mens team scores - Carbon 105, Delta 44.

Individual scores - Chase Norton, 1st 200 free, 1st 100 fly; Bradlee Leonard, 1st 500 free, 2nd 200 free; Li Yu, 1st 100 free, 2nd 200 IM; Chris Eikenbary, 1st 100 breaststroke, 2nd 50 free; Kellen Spillman, 2nd 100 free, 2nd 100 breaststroke; Derrik Leonard, 2nd 100 back, 3rd 200 free; Cliff Sorensen, 2nd 500 free, 4th 100 breaststroke; Dan Gibson, 3rd 200 IM, 3rd 100 fly; Matt Petty, 3rd 50 free, 3rd 100 back; Joe Harber, 4th 100 back, 6th 50 free.

Scores for the Richfield match were as follows:

Womens team scores - Carbon 89, Richfield 82.

Individual scores - Trisha Erickson, 1st 50 free, 2nd 100 free; Regina Tetreault, 1st 100 free, 3rd 200 IM; Danielle Worley, 2nd 200 free, 2nd 500 free; Brittney Banning, 2nd 50 free, 2nd 100 breaststroke; Amy Pulsipher, 2nd 100 back, 3rd 100 fly; Rikilyn Birch, 2nd 100 fly, 5th 100 breaststroke; Audrey Oliver, 2nd 200 IM; Cynthia Owen, 3rd 200 free, 4th 100 back; Victoria Brown, 3rd 500 free, 4th 200 free; Tammy Erickson, 3rd 100 back, 6th 50 free; LynD Anderson, 5th 200 IM, 6th 100 breaststroke.

Mens team scores - Richfield 82, Carbon 70.

Individual scores - Chase Norton, 1st 200 free, 1st 100 fly; Li Yu, 1st 100 free, 5th 200 IM; Chris Eikenbary, 2nd 200 IM, 2nd 100 breaststroke; Bradlee Leonard, 2nd 500 free, 3rd 200 free; Kellen Spillman, 2nd 50 free, 4th 100 breaststroke; Cliff Sorensen, 3rd 100 free, 3rd 100 back; Derrik Leonard, 3rd 50 free, 4th 500 free; Matt Petty, 4th 50 free, 4th 100 back; Jacob Mantz, 4th 100 fly, 5th 200 free; Joe Harber, 5th 100 free, 5th 100 back; Dan Gibson, 6th 100 fly, 6th 100 breaststroke.

Carbon is currently preparing for the region tournament, which the Dinos will host on Jan. 23 and 24 at the Desert Wave Pool.

Cox said the team's familiarity with the pool and the new lanes which were just added should lead to some best time performances.

"We're real excited to use the new lanes," she said. "We got a lot of good times from them against Richfield."

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