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Letter to the Editor: Bones can be happy



In our country people are allowed to voice opinions on any subject without fear of repercussion. Such it is with the war in Iraq. We argue about whether we should be there, if we were justified in going in the first place, and if our actions in Iraq with its sacrifices has made us safer. However I can think of one rather unfortunate group of people in Iraq who probably are of one opinion concerning our presence in Iraq.

In the December 22, National Review magazine there is a short story about an Iraqi who calls himself "The Mesopotamian" on the internet. After the president traveled to Baghdad, "The Mesopotamian" greeted him as a "friend and ally," and regretted that crowds could not come out and greet him as he deserved. Then he wrote "the bones in the mass graves salute you, Avenger of the Bones."

I believe the bones in the mass graves of Iraq are of the one opinion that it is good and justified that the "Avenger of the Bones" has sent our armies. Possibly the bones can be happy, for with the toppling of Saddam Hussein, in statue, and in person, admission, granted by Saddam's regime, to the mass graves will cease and end forever.

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