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City recorder administers oath of office to new, incumbent Price council members

Price council members Joe Christman, Jeanne McEvoy, Richard Tatton and Stephen Denison take the oath of office during a ceremony last Friday. Price recorder Joanne Lessar conducted the ceremony, presented at the city hall.

A newcomer to Price city government, Christman told the audience in attendance at the ceremony that he takes the elected position seriously and pledges to do his best to serve the citizens of the community.

Mayor Joe Piccolo pointed out that Jan. 2 was an important day for Price city.

The event stirred up feelings from 1985 and two years ago when Piccolo was elected to city government, first to the council and then to the mayor's position.

'Our challenge is to go into the community and re-invite our people into city government and civic involvement,' commented Piccolo.

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