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More public input needed in commissions decision

Sun Advocate

In a pure democracy we as citizens would have the opportunity to vote on every issue, from whether our town would raise dog licenses by $5 or if our country was going to war. But that's not the way it works. We have a representative type of democracy so we elect people to represent our views and hopefully that's what they are supposed to do.

While it is pretty naive to believe people in Washington that are supposed to represent us as individuals or even as citizens of Carbon County do so the way they should, I believe it is realistic to imagine that local officials really do care what we think and would go to any lengths to find out those views.

That's why I was sorely disappointed in the vote that was taken in the county commission meeting concerning the so called mineral lease scholarship-endowment last Wednesday night.

It's not that I am opposed to the idea that is explained in my story about the county commission meeting on today's front page. It's just the opposite. I think the concept is a good one, an idea that has a lot of merit, although it needs more thought and work before finalization.

I am however, opposed to public servants not giving all citizens the chance to attend a public hearing on such a matter and a fair chance to comment on the issue before the base decision is made.

There was talk at the end of the discussion about having a public meeting concerning the details of the move, because as of yet no specific details have been put together. But public discussion should be done before even a "concept" is approved because that is the action which sets everything else in motion. Details should only come later, when the main issue is settled.

Some of the commission may have thought there was public discussion on the issue, but there really was little of it, because almost no one knew it was going on, except supporters.The agenda item noted "discussion and possible approval.' But based on my experience over the past three years of covering these meetings, that usually means some study will take place before any vote is rendered.

This whole thing makes me feel like someone has made an agreement to purchase a car of their choice for me and are now telling me to pay for it.

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