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State bowling tournament off and running in Carbon County

ports writer

The Utah Women's Bowling Association has begun its annual championship tournament. For the first time in over 30 years, the tournament is being played at the two local bowling alleys, Country Lanes and Gateway Lanes.

The beginning of the tournament was marked with much hoopla as the first state tournament housed in the Carbon County area got under way.

Members of the American Legion, post three started the tournament with the presentation of the colors while Brannigan Hunter, an American Fork fireman sang the Star Spangled Banner.

Members of the UWBA board who were in attendance were then introduced, along with local association members. All in attendance were welcomed along with a ribbon cutting which signaled the beginning of the tournament. Also, bags of goodies and travel information was given out to those visiting the area.

Ruth Guptill, (who's age won't be revealed, however the number is in the 80's), then threw the first ball onto the alley way marking the beginning of the women's tournament. Women from around the state then began competing in the event. Although the standings have not yet been released, they will be listed as soon as they become available.

The tournament will continue throughout the month of March. Each weekend, women from across the state will travel to Carbon County to compete in the tournament. The singles and doubles games will be held at the Country Lanes in Carbonville, while the team games will be hosted at Gateway Lanes in Helper.

The public is encouraged to attend the events and are welcome to cheer the local bowlers on in their quest for the UWBA championship.

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