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Niki Allred
Kasey Godfrey

Dick and Raelene Allred of Huntington announce the marriage of their daughter, Niki Rae, to Kasey Paul Godfrey, the son of Steven and Paulette Godfrey of Clarkston.

The couple will be married Nov. 15 at the Aspen Grove Reception Center in Logan. A reception will take place that evening at the reception center from 7 to 9 p.m. A reception will also be held Nov. 22 at the College of Eastern Utah's Alumni Room in Price.

Niki is a graduate of Utah State University and is employed at USU. Kasey is employed in Tremonton. The couple will reside in Garland.

Rachael Krompel
Shane Timothy

William and Joni Krompel announce the marriage of their daughter, Rachael Elizabeth, to Shane Cass Timothy, the son of Shane Timothy and Larry and Irene Shiner.

The couple will be married Nov. 15.

A reception will be presented in the newlyweds honor evening at the Greenwell Convention Center.

Cass and Rachael will make their home in Price.

Pamela Manders
Jeff Jewkes

Gail Manders of Brunswick, Ga. announces the marriage of her daughter, Pamela Dawn Manders, to Jeff A. Jewkes, the son of Ron and Norine Jewkes of Kenilworth.

The couple will be married Nov 15 at St. Anthony's Catholic Church in Helper.

Pam is a graduate from Savannah State College in Savannah, Ga. with a bachelor's degree in fisheries. Jeff is a graduate from Utah State University with a degree in wildlife management.

Jeff is a wildlife technician and Pam is a fisheries biologist for the Manti-La Sal National Forest.

The couple will make their home in Helper.

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