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Price certifies primary tallies

Sun Advocate publisher

By law, it took almost a week to certify last Tuesday's primary election for Price City but two ballots that needed verification of addresses, made the determination for the general election set on Nov. 4.

The primary election was a narrowing down of candidates for the two communities of Price City and Sunnyside, while other cities in the county wait for the general election to decide their final council positions.

Eliminated from the race in Price City were Jay Marshall and Gary T. Kutkas, while David Cox, who had tied with Marshall in the original tallying, moves forward into the general election. According to election officials Price City did a complete recount.

In the recount, Cox, Richard Tatton, Stephen Denison and Joe Christman each ended up with one more vote. The race for three council positions is now between these four candidates and Don Reavely and Mike Metzger.

The two candidates vying for a two year term for Price City council are Jeanne McElvoy and Jeffrey Nielson. McElvoy was appointed to this position following the resignation this past spring by Elizabeth Kourianos.

In Sunnyside three seats will be voted on in the general election. Those vying for these positions include Sam Leonard, Carol Johnson, Tony Riffle, Douglas Alger, Sherri Madrid and Cheryl Eck. Three people were eliminated in that election.

In the other cities, East Carbon voters will fill three city seats from a field of four candidates, including Darma Lopez, Dave Maggio, Joseph Manley and Darrell Valdez.

Helper has three candidates running for three seats. These include Kirk Mascaro, Chuck Buchanan and Robert Farrell.

In Wellington, council incumbents Paula Noyes and Glen Wells will run against challengers Robert Berta and Paul Childs.

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