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Community hosts Emergency Preparedness Fair: Preparing for the unknown

Sun Advocate publisher

Over 1,000 people attended the fair and many were youth. These young men are examining examples of emergency products that were for sale.

"This was wonderful, it brought the whole community together," says Joyce Daniels, chairperson of the community emergency preparedness fair, held last Thursday at Ascension St. Matthews church. Daniels excitement followed weeks of coordination and efforts with a large planning committee which brought numerous agencies, associations and companies together.

"All kinds of agencies were involved," she explained, listing just a few, the police department, health services, fire agencies, UDOT, the hosptial, 911, domestic violence, adult probation and forest service."

An estimated 1,000 people moved through the booths and tables, sat in on the numerous workshops and participated in the demonstrations. Of these poeple over 200 children got identification kits, which included finger printing, and hair samples.

Besides the 26 booths and information stations, several other popular sites included smoke house, narcotics dog, seat checks for children, jaws of life and seat belt convincer.

Daniels also explained that a big part of preparedness is food preparation and storage. Many of the worshops and booths delt with preparing 72 hour kits, organizing storage units, packing campers and cars and dealing with sanitation situations.

Two other popular areas included training on handling pets during an emergency and taking care of the aging or seniors during community crisis events. Several senior programs were discusssed and outlined.

And to top off the activities there was plenty of music, home made bread, door prizes and food.

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