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Moms club involves lots of kids and curiosity

This rock art near Sunnyside will be on one of the field trips that the URARA is taking this weekend.

For many, Utah is not only the center of rock art in the west but also in the whole country.

Next weekend, Oct. 10-13, the Utah Rock Art Research Association will be having their annual symposium at the John Wesley Powell Museum in Green River.

"Even though the title of our organization has Utah in it, over half of the people that belong are not from Utah," says Layne Miller URARA president. "There is a lot of interest in Utah rock art all over the country, even all over the world."

The annual meet will attract around 300 people and will include seminars as well as field trips to rock art sites, probably the favorite thing for the participants to do at the symposium.

The association has a once a month meeting and publishes a newsletter called "Vestiges" monthly as well.

This year's meeting will feature papers on rock art presented by experts in the field.

"There will be field trips going to 14 different rock art sites," stated Miller. "They range from Moab to the bookcliffs, from the San Rafael to the Sunnyside area."

A special field trip behind locked gates in the Range Creek area will be a special treat for some of those attending.

"Some of that rock art is untouched, a thing that is hard to find," explained Miller.

The symposium is open to the public and information can be obtained by going to or by calling Miller at 637-8945

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