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Rumors of two week hunt untrue

The Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) office in Price has received numerous calls from Utah deer hunters, asking if the deer season will run one or two weekends this year.

In 2003, the general season deer hunt is only five days long in southeastern Utah. It begins on Saturday, Oct. 18th and ends on Wednesday evening, Oct. 22nd.

The reason for the shortened season in southeastern Utah is the dwindling deer herd. Five years of drought have dramatically reduced fawn production and survival. As a result, southeastern Utah deer units have not been seeing the normal recruitment of animals into the herd to replace those lost through a variety of mortality factors.

By shortening the deer season to five days, The DWR can reduce the harvest while providing for a yearly hunting season.

The DWR asks hunters to share this information with their friends and associates to help dispel the rumor that the hunt will continue through the next weekend.

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