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Green River celebrates new shooting park

The new Green River shooting park has a wide variety of shooting areas.

The Green River Shooting Sports park is being developed to accommodate the needs of the general public for a facility designed for the shooting sports.

Some of the various disciplines that have been incorporated into the park are a 600 yard high power rifle range, a 100, 200, 300 and 600 yard bench rest, a silhouette range, a 12-bay cowboy action range, a five station trap and skeet range, a pistol range and a small-bore rifle range.

The range itself was a joint effort between the City of Green River, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Utah State Highway Patrol, United States Federal Aid Program, Utah National Guard, and thousands of hours of work by local volunteers and contractors.

According to rifle and silhouette coordinator Ben Coomer, the main focus of the park is to educate young shooters through hunter safety programs and to encourage safe and responsible firearms use.

Coomer said he hopes the variety of shooting sports offered at the park will encourage shooters to develop a lasting interest in the shooting sports.

An open house for the new shooting sports park will take place Oct. 10-11 beginning at 10 a.m. The Mormon Posse will be in attendance for a cowboy shoot-out and the 600 yard NRA range will be introduced.

A dutch oven lunch and dinner will also be a part of the festivities on both days.

The shooting sports park is located 1/2 mile east on Frontage Road.

For more information or to participate in shooting competition, contact the City of Green River at 435-564-3448.

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