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Castle Dale Motorist Incurs Minor Injuries After Vehicle Hits Snowdrift on U.S. 6

The culmination of the Olympics means Utah's highways are packed with motorists. Not many accidents have occurred due to traffic congestion. However, one mishap did occur Monday near Soldier Summit.

At approximately 10:30 a.m. on Feb. 25, Helen Wilberg of Castle Dale was traveling east bound on U.S. Highway 6 near mile post 210. The roads were clear; however, high winds near the Summit had caused snow to drift across the highway. As Wilberg prepared to pass a Dodge Durango occupied by a Colorado family, her vehicle hit a snow drift. Wilberg, who was traveling in the left passing lane, lost control and her vehicle clipped the Durango.

As her vehicle veered off the road, Wilberg managed to avoid contact with a semi truck. The vehicle continued off the side of the road, flipping twice. In the process, the Wilberg vehicle also took out the curve ahead sign just before the summit.

Wilberg was wearing a seatbelt and suffered only a bump on the head, according to the Utah Highway Patrol. She was transported to Castleview Hospital for observation and later released. The occupants of the Durango were uninjured in the incident. The Colorado family, along with Wilberg were all traveling home from Olympic events when the accident occurred.

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