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Public agencies get ready for Winter

It may seem like ages since the last real snow, but last year the Price area got enough for removal a few times.

Public agencies in the area, including the towns, the county and the Utah Department of Transportation are getting ready for what most people hope will be a heavy winter.

Despite the warm temperatures of the last couple of weeks, professionals know that the weather pattern could turn on a dime, as it often has in the past. Each agency faces their own challenges when the snow and ice do come.

Cities, such as Price and Helper, need to deal with areas where congested area snow removal is a priority, such as along their Main Streets. They also have to deal with residential streets that have vehicles parked on them in snow storms and the aftermath of digging out.

The county has some long stretches of highway spread all over the Carbon to take care of, including areas where drifting can be a real problem. They too have the huge problem of crowded residential streets in some areas.

UDOT is the agency that keeps the traffic flowing in and out of Carbon County on Highways 6 and 10, as well as taking care of many secondary roads that fall under their system.

All the agencies in Carbon County work together to solve winter traffic problems and sometimes lend each other expertise and help when needed.

But while the weather is still on, crews are preparing equipment for heavy winter use and are setting up machines for winter operations. The agencies are also bringing in supplies and materials to deal with the snow and the consequent ice that always follows storms.

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