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Carbon volleyball continues to win

Sports Reporter

In regular season play, Carbon volleyball is 5-0. Their latest victory was against Timpview on Sept. 16, which they beat in three games.

The Carbon volleyball squad added two wins to their streak in the last week, with victories over Wasatch on Sept. 11 and Timpview on Sept. 16.

Wasatch in ranked fourth in the state in the 3-A division. Carbon won the match in four games. Assistant coach Lane Herrick said senior Traci Mortensen had an especially strong game, assisting the team with several kills.

The Lady Dinos swept Timpview in three straight games in what Herrick described as the teams most consistent play of the year.

"Every position just stepped up and played well, Herrick complimented. "It took that to beat Timpview - they were a really good team."

Timpview is ranked fourth in the state in 4-A. The win makes Carbon 5-0 in regular season play.

Carbon hosts Delta in their first region game of the year on Sept. 18.

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