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Autumn ideal for day trips through Castle County

Throughout the San Rafael Swell are remains of the past

Day trippng in Eastern Utah is an experience that no one can experience anywhere else on the planet. From mountain streams and lakes to the hottest red rock around, the sights, sounds and smells equal a good time.

In the north is the book cliffs and the many canyons that run through it like Willow Creek and Nine Mile. The north also holds two great museums in the likes of the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum in Price to the historic Mining and Railroad Museum in Helper. Few towns the size of those on the north end of the day tripping agenda hold more events than do the Carbon County venues with the Helper Arts Festival, International Days, the Carbon County Fair, Sunnyside Days, Pioneer Days in Wellington, Pleasant Valley Days in Scofield and the Christmas Town Celebration in Helper each December.

Head farther south and the expansive San Rafael Swell takes over the scenery on the east along with the Wasatch Plateau on the west. Emery County's high country has some great streams, lakes and reservoirs while the eastern part of the county boasts the Wedge, Black Box and about a zillion places where the geology is out of this world. Emery County's museums include the Museum of the San Rafael in Castle Dale and the John Wesley Powell Museum in Green River. The Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry is also an interesting site to see.

South of I-70 are places like Goblin Valley and Temple Mountain, where uranium miners plied their trade in the 1940's, 50's and 60's. Along that interstate corridor is also Ghost Rocks and Eagle Canyon, a spectacular surprise to the first time traveler going across the area.

Eastern Utah is also the gateway to Canyonlands and Arches National Parks as well as to Dead Horse State Park.

All these places can be reached and visited by a day trip.

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