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For my debut sports view, I wanted to say something insightful. I wanted to wow readers with my strong opinions on the sport world.

But when it comes to sports, I'm a little undecided.

I could rant about the volleyball change that has impacted local officials. The topic is especially hot in Salt Lake City.

Rally scoring means more games and higher scores. I think officials should be compensated for the extra time.

On the other hand, rally scoring makes for quicker matches and the length of a five game match is statistically not much different than the three game format.

I think officials have a hard job and should be paid for the work they do. But, isn't the point of the job to interact with a sport community and enjoy youth athletics. Does it always have to be about the paycheck?

And speaking of money, I think that there are a group sport participants that are paid way too much: pro athletes. College and high school athletes put pros to shame with their effort and commitment to sports.

However, there is nothing like the NBA in the post season, following the World Series or watching the Superbowl. It is almost worth the abhorrent salaries to watch such spectacular athletes perform so flawlessly.

Oh, and then there's the Kobe issue. I think I speak for everyone when I say I'm tired of the fact that Kobe Bryant seems to be the only topic of discussion in any sport conversation.

Celebrity immunity to the law and the ability of stars to buy their way out of everything has surpassed the ridiculous.

But, what if he didn't do anything? What if his celebrity status is the only reason these charges were even made? Do we really get to serve as judge and jury because his life is tastelessly splashed on TV?

So, there it is. It isn't confrontational and I don't expect letters to the editor to pour in.

I'll shoot for that next week.

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