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CEU Baseball Makes Coaching Change

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CEU players are making a coaching transition this season. Former coach Eric Madsen has accepted an assistant coach position with UVSC, leaving his younger brother Scott Madsen to be the new head coach.

CEU baseball players will be losing a coach this year. Fortunately, the new hire will be keeping the coaching tradition in the family.

Coach Eric Madsen has accepted a position as an assistant coach at Utah Valley State College.

His younger brother Scott, who has been a pitching coach for the last four years, has taken over as the new head coach.

"I want to see him be successful," Eric Madsen said. " Hopefully everyone will support him the way they supported me."

During Eric Madsen's two years as assistant coach and seven years as head coach, he said he turned down other coaching opportunities because they weren't perfect.

But this opportunity was too good to pass up.

UVSC recently changed to a division one school. The transition to the four year school will make for a higher level of baseball, Madsen stated.

Madsen will be adjusting to some changes. NCAA rules become more stringent at a four year school, including limits on the time a teams can practice.

Madsen said his former CEU players understand the change.

"I've always preached to them to take opportunities," Madsen explained.

Scott Madsen has been aptly prepared for his opportunity, too. In addition to his coaching experience, Madsen pitched for CEU during the 97-98 and 98-99 seasons.

Madsen said replacing his brother could be more difficult than replacing another coach because fans will always be comparing them.

However, Scott Madsen expects to use a lot of the same strategies that were used by his brother.

The assistant coaching staff will include Scott Madsen's former teammate John Ellswood, who previously coached at William Penn University in Iowa.

Ellswood, the oldest of the new coaching staff, will bring the age experience. He is 25.

Josh Williams will also come aboard as an outfield coach.

Madsen said he expects the team to perform well. He said the team has made it to region off and on and that they are competitive considering their funding.

"We do as good as we can with the money we have," Madsen said. "We are one of the lowest budgeted schools in the region."

Eric Madsen said his brother should be ready to take over because of his assistant coach experience.

"He's way more prepared than I was to take over as head coach," Madsen said.

Eight players will be returning to the team, as well as one transfer student and a returning LDS missionary who played one year for CEU prior to his mission.

The team is currently having open tryouts and is beginning its fall club season. The sanctioned season begins in the spring.

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