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Declaration display attracts interest

Patty DeWarns of Helper and son, Blake, look at an original copy of the Declaration of Independence displayed at the Utah Capitol.

'This is fantastic,' commented DeWarns last Friday. Preschooler Blake's interest waned and he ended up sitting on the floor near where the Pinnacle Canyon singers were scheduled to perform.

The display and multi-media show will remain on exhibit in the rotunda until March 15. The presentation will then move to Georgia and be displayed at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, starting April 27.

The three and one-half year road tour was launched July 3, 2001 at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. One of the first visits was slated at the 2002 Winter Olympics. The idea was to not only expose as many Americans as possible to the document, but also the international crowd that the Olympics attracts.

Last Friday, the international crowd was evident as Japanese, Slavic and southern European languages mixed with English where the display is set up. A number of instructional kiosks are located around the rotunda.

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