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Dinos handed a loss by Pioneers

Sports writer

The Carbon High Dinos boys basketball team traveled north to Lehi February 13 to take on the Pioneers. Unfortunately, the Dinos had a long road trip back home after being defeated 79-53.

The Dinos began the game a little rough and found themselves trailing the Region eight team by 13 points at the half. The second half however found the Dinos rallying a comeback. The team went on a shooting spree, scoring 17 points in the third quarter, however Lehi responded with 23 of their own points to maintain the lead. The fourth quarter also found the Dinos being outscored by the Pioneers 18-11.

According to Dinos head coach Ted Bianco, "we played quite well. Lehi is just an extraordinary team who blew us away."

Leading the way for Carbon was Senior Matt Jewkes who finished the game with 18 points, three of which came from a three point field goal. Following in scoring was Jake Wood and Jeff Anderson who each had 10 points against the Lehi Pioneers. Wood also completed two three point field goals in the Dinos rally in the second half.

The Dinos now find themselves with a 3-5 region eight record and an overall record of 8-12. The team will play again Tuesday against Wasatch on the road. The Dinos hope to improve their record as the season rapidly approaches to an end.

The Dinos will play Friday in the first of their playoff games. This game will determine whether the team will proceed into the playoffs that will also be held in St. George.

According to coach Bianco, "we are capable of defeating the Dixie team. If we fail to execute however, they will definitely put us away along with any chances of advancing into the playoffs. It would sure be nice to spend two weekends in St. George rather than just one."

As the Dinos prepare for their playoff match up, the team has not lost sight of the immediate game at hand on Tuesday.

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