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Regents Chair Announces Ucat Appointments

Legislation creating the Utah College of Applied Technology establishes 11 new boards of trustees, one each for 10 regional centers and one for UCAT as a whole.

Each of the 10 regional panels is to include a member of the Utah Board of Regents.

In the case of the UCAT board, two members must be included.

Chair Charles Johnson has announced the following regent appointments:

Uintah Basin, Daryl Barrett.

Bridgerland, Sara Sinclair.

Ogden-Weber, Nolan Karras.

Davis, John Norman.

Southwest, Marlon Snow.

Central, David Grant.

Dixie, Kim Burningham.

Southeast, Jed Pitcher.

Mountainlands, Linnea Barney.

Salt Lake-Tooele, Maria Sweeten.

UCAT, Charles Johnson and Pamela Atkinson.

Other members of the 10 regional boards will include representatives from the local school districts, business and industry. The UCAT Board will be comprised of representatives from the 10 regional boards.

The legislation, which goes into effect Sept. 1, calls for the regents to appoint two members as non-voting seats on the state school board. The guideline also specifies that the state school board will appoint two of its representatives as non-voting members of the regents. Pamela Atkinson and David Jordan will serve as the regents' representatives on the school board

The school board previously appointed Kim Burningham and Linnea Barney as its representatives on the regents panel.

Local ATCSR administrator Miles Nelson has announced that the following individuals will be serving on the board from the local school districts:

•Carbon School District, Grady McEvoy.

•Emery County, Rue Ware.

•Grand County, Eric York.

•San Juan County, Merri Shumway.

Business representatives include Kevin Ashby, Price; Cindy Thompson, Moab ;and Taylor Palmer, Blanding.

Richard Lee will be the College of Eastern Utah's board of trustee member.

An additional four members still need to be appointed to the board from the business interests in the area.

The next meeting will be Aug. 23 at 1:30 p.m. in Moab.

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