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Helper ball club finds success at Idaho tournament

Cutting corners around this turn proved to be hazardous as a car rolls over onto its roof. After the car was turned back onto it's wheels, the driver hit the track again and finished the race during last weekend's racing event.

This past Saturday night, 74 cars competed in various race events at Carbon County's Desert Thunder Raceway, giving the crowd a whole different brand of fireworks for the Fourth of July.

The races included opening heats, trophy dashes and main events in five different car classes including late models, street stock, pure stock, mini sprints and ATV.

The crowd watched as cars not only from Castle Country, but from all over the Western U.S. competed in multiple heats.

Winners of the various events include the following:

Late Models

First, Allen Moore

Second, Dean Moore

Third, Hubert Wilson

Trophy dash, Dusty Safley

Street Stock

First, Mickey Stubbings

Second, Brett Alderson

Third, Jerry Fletcher

Trophy dash, Mickey Stubbings

Pure Stock

First, Jake Johnson

Second, Gary Oliver

Third, Sam Marrelli

Trophy dash, Jake Johnson

Mini Sprints

First, Jared Elwell

Second, Bernie Hendrickson

Third, Charlie Hanna

Trophy dash, Jared Elwell


First, Ryan Dimick

Second, Jeff Bertuzzi

Third, Tony Martinez

Trophy dash, Ryan Dimick

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