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Touring cemeteries

National travel and tourism experts indicate that visitors spending more than a day or two in any given locale traditionally search out the cemeteries in the area.

The tendency becomes significantly more pronounced in locations with colorful or unique histories, point out the tourism experts.

Few regions within the nation can lay claim to a richer, more colorful, more interesting or culturally diverse heritage than Castle Valley.

Numerous cemeteries cover Carbon and Emery County, adorned with headstones and markers silently documenting the tragedies and the individuals filling chapter after chapter in the history of Castle Valley.

From the graves of outlaws and lawmen in Price to the final resting places of underground workers killed in the Castle Gate, Winter Quarters and Wilberg mine disasters, the cemeteries reflect the personality and spirit of the Carbon-Emery community.

Price Cemetery serves as the final resting place for several Wild Bunch members.

Outlaw "Gunplay" Maxwell was fatally shot on the streets of Price and buried in the city's cemetery.

The body of Johnny Walker also lies at rest in Price. Confusing Walker with Cassidy, a posse killed the outlaw in mountains of Green River.

In addition, the Price cemetery contains the grave of Wild Bunch member turned lawman Matt Warner.

People visiting Castle Valley should schedule time to tour the unique cemeteries in Carbon and Emery counties.

From ornately carved monuments to plain concrete markers, the headstones provide a silent, but graphic and poignant glimpse into the memorable history of the Carbon-Emery region and the unique personality of the Castle Valley community.

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