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Unlimited Opportunities for Sight-seeing

The biking opportunities available to people in Castle Valley are nearly unlimited.

From the desert terrains with buttes and mesas to the mountainous regions with forests trails, biking is a popular recreational activity in the Carbon-Emery region.

The San Rafael Swell provides excellent fat tire biking opportunities.

Miles of gravel roads take cyclists on a trip back in time through the centuries into the land where dinosaurs walked and ancient Native Americans left artwork marks.

The 40-mile long Nine Mile Canyon offers bikers challenging altitude changes and breathtaking scenery.

Riders should pause a moment to observe the rock art, storage structures and village sites of the ancient Fremont culture.

With many side canyons to explore and a well maintained roadway, Nine Mile represents an ideal option for all cyclists.

For riders who prefer the quiet solitude of the mountains, the Manti-LaSal National Forest provides hundreds of miles of trails.

Near Joes Valley Reservoir, biking trails wind through forests that open up into vast open spaces.

In addition to a wide array of biking opportunities, the San Rafael Swell contains a number of excellent hiking spots for people of all ages and all skill levels, from the novice to experienced backpackers.

Younger hikers typically tend to gravitate to narrow slot canyons of the San Rafael Reef near Goblin Valley State Park.

Walkways through the labyrinths wind around vertical slick rock, narrowing to tight squeezes in several places.

For the more experienced hikers, several trails located in the Swell follow the San Rafael River through deep gorges and narrow passageways.

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