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CEU Awarded Federal Grant Funding to Implement Student Support Service Program on College Campus

The College of Eastern Utah was recently awarded a federal grant to institute a local student support service program.

The SSS program will provide ongoing support to students working toward degrees at the college.

The program was designed to develop new opportunities for students to grow personally, socially and academically.

Students who qualify will get individualized academic advising, assistance in major and career exploration, transfer counseling, free tutoring and tips on how to develop better study skills.

In order to qualify for membership in the local SSS program, students must meet at least one of the following three requirements.

•They must be a first generation college student.

•They must qualify for federal financial aid.

•They must have a documented disability.

The conditions in question should be documented through the college's disability center.

SSS is required to service 160 students every semester after the program is up and running, according to college officials.

Two-thirds of the 160 program participants at CEU must be first generation college students and qualify for federal financial aid, according to officials.

SSS members are required to meet with a program adviser several times during every semester they attend at CEU.

At the meetings, a student education plan (SEP) will be created for updating the participants' academic goals and progress.

SSS director Brad Watson indicated that the program not only benefits the student members, but the entire CEU campus community.

"The SSS grant is an exciting opportunity for us to enhance services to the students," pointed out Watson.

Adviser Tracie Noyes indicated that SSS will encourage students to stay in school and strive for success.

"I'm excited to meet the students and help them get the services they need," said Noyes.

The SSS office is currently under construction and will be located in room 225 at the college center.

The student service program should be completely in place and ready to start operating by the end of February, according to CEU officials.

Students who previously qualified to participate in the program have already been provided with a brochure and will receive SSS applications in the mail.

Carbon County residents who believe they are qualified to participate in the SSS program, but did not receive a brochure should contact Watson at 613-5243 for additional information.

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