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Skyline miners, Forest Service, Utah DWR join forces to restore pond's handicap access

The old boardwalk had fallen apart and sunk.
The commemorative plaque honors those who made the boardwalk.
Representatives of the allied groups stand on the newly reconstructed boardwalk at Beaver Dam pond during the dedication.

Most folks who fish don't worry about whether they can get to their favorite fishing spot. But for someone who uses a wheelchair or is unable to walk rough ground, fishing might be out of the question.

With those people in mind, the Manti-La Sal National Forest, Skyline Mine employees, and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources joined forces to reconstruct a boardwalk at Beaver Dam, a little reservoir along The Energy Loop National Scenic Byway (SR-264). The boardwalk had fallen into disrepair and was no longer useable.

Thirty-one volunteers from the mine contributed 410 hours to the project earning credits for DWR's Dedicated Hunter Program. They built 100 feet of boardwalk along the north shore of the reservoir, using materials supplied by the Manti-La Sal National Forest.

The volunteers were recognized in a ceremony July 10, at the boardwalk. Officials from Skyline Mine, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, the Forest Service and the Castle Valley Center attended. A brass plaque honoring the volunteers has been installed at the site.

Mike Keller, principal at Castle Valley Center, praised the group for their work in making the area accessible to those who are unable to walk to shore. He said it would be a great place to bring students from the school for a day of fishing.

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